Science has promoted many of its conclusions with an immutable certainty since Newton’s theories were presented to the world.

My artwork questions how we have constructed our world based upon scientific theories and attempts to promote the possibility of an alternative understanding that presents a coextensive world. The coextensive world is devoid of the boundaries that are at present, fundamental to understand our surroundings.

Leonardo da Vinci states, ‘the surface is the least of all things,’ because it neither belongs to the entity or the space that surrounds it. This statement catalysed my fascination with the concept of a boundary free theory and the ontology of the boundary in general.
My artistic interests reside in examining the nature of the physical boundary and more recently in questioning the phenomenology behind the ‘imaginary boundary’ such as the geopolitical border or other map based delineation.


"what does a fish know about the water in which is swims?"

Albert Einstein